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Stuck on an Apple Logo

PostPosted:Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:19 am
by heniq
At first, i want to point out that I'm a total noob when talking about getting a hackintosh up and running.
Ok, so as I have no Intel powered PC's at my place, I decided to get OS X running on my AMD powered HP ProBook 6555b. I downloaded an OS X Yosemite dmg file with AMD kernel included in it from Hackintosh Zone. I got it onto my USB flash drive and tried to install it, sadly whatever boot flag i typed in, the installation would always get stuck before it even started. When adding -v and -x boot flags it always gets stuck here:


If it's not possible to get OS X running on this, it's ok, but please, just let me know.
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    CPU - AMD Phenom II 3X N830
    GPU - ATI Radeon HD 4250
    RAM - 6GB DDR3
    HDD - 500GB 7200RPM SATAII 
    WLAN - HP Broadcom 43224
    WWAN - HP UN2420 3G