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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
Hi guys,
it's been weeks since i started trying to install mac os catalina on my pc, with no succes.
Tried many guides but had no success at all.
I managed to install mac os mojave but it's useless on my pc since the 5700 it's not supported.
Can someone provide me a guide? A way to install it, with clover or open core...
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Managed to succesfully install it by following this guide
viewtopic.php?f=35&t=9769[center][b]Post Merged[/b]
[/center]I have the 10.5.2 now, 10.5.1 gave me a lot of problem during installation with 5700xt!


Hello al0x99,

maybe a Solution for your Problem with the Grafikkarte 5700 XT (Bootargument agdpmod=pikera):

https://khronokernel-3.gitbook.io/catal ... us/amd-gpu
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Native AMD GPUs
Navi 10 Series (RX 5000) Highest Supported OS: Catalina
Currently, as of 10.15.1, Apple has finally added RDNA and Navi support!
Supported Cards:
RX 5500
RX 5500 XT
RX 5600
RX 5600 XT
RX 5700
RX 5700 XT
RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary Edition
Radeon Pro W5700
Note: Most Navi cards currently require the boot argument agdpmod=pikera to get proper display out, also keep in mind DisplayPort can be a hit or miss as WhateverGreen needs to be adapted. See here for more info: RX5700XT: No dual monitor with WEG
Needed kexts:
Your Grafikkarte should work with 10.15.1

Regards, Olaf Neumann

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