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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: kwankiu
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So it is now possible to download and launch the installer app of Catalina on AMD, we have updated to Clover v4945, it is now possible to restore the image using BaseSystem.dmg
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Using the 17H config.plist, it also works on Intel hackintosh, it will boot
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I tried it on AMD Ryzen too
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Would it be possible to add native patches or to view the logs to see what happened in background when we try to load Catalina on AMD ??
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by: Shaneee
Not unless you are able to update the find and replace for the new kernel. Wait until it's final and our patches will be updated.
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by: alexboro3191
I made the installation macOS Catalina 10.15 19A487m Public Beta on a computer with Intel, and configured it. Then took a picture and transferred to the computer with AMD A-8 7600, made Clover 4972 and used config.plist 15h_16h from AMD_Vanilla-master, after adjusting it for yourself.Somewhere 2-3 times, when you try to boot, did not start prelinkedkernel. But soon I was able to go through the entire stage of booting from the flash drive right up to gIOConsole 0x3, that is, to the graphical animation of booting the installation, but the luck was over. Anyway, I'm very glad that the pre-core starts and it's not so bad. I look forward to a test kernel or config. Developers good luck)

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