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I just live-updated Catalina 10.15.2 to 15.3 on OpenCore (0.5.4) and it worked. Here's how it went:

- got update notification in System Preferences
- loaded the update and began installation --> first reboot
- OpenCore automatically selected "macOS Installer" --> booted to Apple logo --> immediate reboot
- OpenCore did NOT select "macOS Installer", I had to manually select it! --> booted to Apple logo --> installation began
- third reboot --> OpenCore automatically selected the system disk --> booted to Apple logo --> installation continued
- picture froze up without errors at "2 minutes left" with progress bar at ~85%
- I let it sit for 10 minutes and hard rebooted --> OpenCore booted system disk --> macOS complained about not shutting down
- update was successful!

So you have to watch out for two issues:

1) select "macOS Installer" in OpenCore if it's visible (had to do it twice)
2) your install may freeze up with 2 minutes to go --> let it sit for a while and reboot your system manually

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Thanks, I just did it as well. Mine didn't freeze. I do have the oddness that my installer likes to switch to Russian for some reason. Had that on my initial install as well.
But mine didn't freeze. After two reboots where I did have to choose the installer the 2nd time like you said, it came up after a couple of minutes.
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I just did the update to 10.15.3 with OpenCore 0.5.4. Everything went smooth.
I didn't have to select the installer or something. Everything went through without any freeze.
Also upd2date without problems

When't Full Automatic
Nice going guys, thanks for confirming the freeze is not common. That's good! :thumbup:
lazyusername wrote:Anyone have a guide for Clover?

Because I am NOT switching to OpenCore.
1: Why not?
2: You can't go past 10.15.1 with Clover.
Intel vs Amd, please advice.

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