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Hi, I am trying to install Catalina on my system.
I ran into many problems. but finally got the installer booted.

The installer is going smoothly and I successfully installed it on an intel 660p SSD.

But the problem happened while first time booting. The 1st time loading is going forever!

At first, it showed 11 minutes remaining, then 10 ... 9 but from that point, it is going horribly slowly. It's been 6 hours, the installer progressed from 9 minutes remaining to 3 minutes. Now it seems frozen at that place.
How do I solve it? and make the installer going?

My hardware:
Motherboard: MSI b450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
Processer: 2700x
GPU: Sapphire pulse RX 570
Storage: Intel 660p 512GB SSD
RAM: Corsair 2x8 GB DDR4 3200

Bootloader: Open Core
EFI: See attachments
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