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by: HKim
Hi guys,

I'm currently planning my first build (I had a hackintosh back in Leopard / Snow Leopard days, but that doesn't count as so much has changed).

I am reading that Navi is natively supported now. But some people are saying you still need an older card such as a RX 580 to install Catalina and then switch to the intended Navi card.

I don't have an old card and want to use a 5700XT, so my question is, can Catalina be installed with only a Navi card or is in fact an old card still necessary?

Sorry if this was already clarified elsewhere, I could not find the answer when searching.


Was typing the post on my mobile, seems it was accidentally created in the post installation subforum :oops:
Could a mod move it please?
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No one tried this yet? Would be really great if someone could confirm either way, as I really don't want to shell out for an old card I don't have any use for after installation...


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by: Shaneee
You should be able to use it for installation yes.
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by: technopath
A few of us have been having issues installing with MSI Navi cards. There's a potential workaround here: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=9832#p53708

I believe most other brands have been able to install smoothly.
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