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I have had this system running with an RX 470 before, however I am having the black screen at login issue with no avail to fix it.

I am running a fresh install of 10.15.2 with a compatible EFI (I have a similar system with a 5700xt I used off of. I built this second machine down to the same parts aside from CPU / GPU. I have the latest drivers / kexts installed (Writing this from my working Hackintosh) and removed the Pikera boot flag I needed with my 5700xt.

The installer boots and installs in full resolution without a single issue. Upon the final reboot where it gets to the welcome screen, I have a black screen persisting after the apple loading bar is complete.


AsRock B450 Pro 4
Ryzen 1700x
Asus RX 470
16gb memory
NVME Boot Drive

Again, this is an identical system aside from the CPU (which shouldn't make a difference) and the graphics chip. HOWEVER, I did have the RX 470 running in the other Hackintosh before I upgraded to Navi - now I can't get it to boot without the black screen.

Here is my EFI:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Hhuuf ... TwZ7Rye0eJ

Can anyone help me out? TIA!


I have same MB with 2700 CPU and RX 580 running with Clover and it works fine.
The only issue I have is my USB 2.0 ports do not work. USB 3.1 and 3.0 are working.
Your RX 470 should work OOB, since it is natively supported.
Not really a solution but I do not understand why your RX 470 is not working.
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BTW, I am on Mojave 10.14.6
I never do the latest OSX until all of the bugs get worked out.

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