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Hi everyone, I have installed 10.15.1 successfully with OpenCore 0.52.
Everything runs perfectly except that my mouse cursor will sometimes suddenly moves fast.
I use a Corsair USB mouse and I have tested all the USB ports, the problem still exists. I also tested with my Microsoft Comfort Bluetooth Mouse, still exists.
I have tested Mojave with the same configuration of OpenCore and kexts and there is no problem with Mojave 10.14.6, the cursor moves perfectly. In Windows, also perfectly.
I used the current AMD-Vanilla patched for OpenCore. I also use up-to-date WhateverGreen, VirtualSMC and Lilu.
I know it is a small problem but it's just annoying. Is there anybody encountering the same problem? My hardware configuration is in my signature.

Also I want to ask that if I install OpenCore in my disk EFI partition, how could I boot into my Windows? If I use OpenCore installed in USB, I can find the Windows boot option and boot into windows. But If I put OpenCore in my disk EFI partition with Microsoft folder together ( like what I did when I use Clover), OpenCore will not be able to recognize it. And if I reset the NVRAM the BIOS will directly boot to Windows.
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OK I have solved this problem.
The method is to change the SMBIOS from MacPro1,1 to iMac 18,3 and the problem will be gone.
Hope this will help someone that enconters the same problem.


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