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Hello together,

I created an USB drive with the AMD Vanilla guide and tried to install Catalina on my Computer (specs in my signature). Unfortunately I am not able to boot into the installer of Catalina, because the system stops loading right after the message "apfs_module_start: 1683". I attached a screenshot of the Display at that point and my EFI folder of the USB drive. Hopefully someone can help me.
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Okay, fixed that problem so far. The new one is that the AppleUSBHostController writes errors all the time. I can avoid that by starting in an USB 2.0 port and hotplug my USB drive into an USB 3.0 port when the system starts writing that error, so I think my USB configuration could be broken :problem:. After hotplugging macOS starts, but I am not able to do anything (the display stays white/grey). I attached a screenshot of the AppleUSBHostController error and my new EFI folder.
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