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by: mcljot
Hi folks,

My MBP is struggling a bit these days, and I can't bring myself to shell out for Apple kit again. I think building my own is the way to go. I've been casually aware of the Hackintosh community for quite a while but am only now investigating it in earnest.

I see from this forum that people have succeeded to get the Mac OS running with the AMD Ryzen 2700X. I'm planning on using this CPU, with the new AMD Radeon VII GPU that's coming out next week. Is this likely to work, or am I best avoiding brand-new hardware? Same question applies to the upcoming AMD Zen 2 CPUs (June 2019).

My aim is to have a fairly beastly machine, Mac OS for creativity (Final Cut, Adobe suite), Fedora/RHEL for work stuff (~10 VMs), and Windows for games.

Many thanks,


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