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I am new here, I got a couple older computer from my work, so now I am wondering if I can play a bit with attempting to get a Hackintosh running.

First, I am ESL (originally from France) and I am not very tech oriented, this is more like a past time/hobby so I apologize if I make mistakes in explanation and question and if my question sounds a bit stupid :)

Second, I have a PC running Windows 10 that is an Asus Motherboard with a CPU AMD Athlon ii x2 250, 8Gb DDR3 Ram with an Asus Graphic Card that came with. I think the computer is from 2010-2011.

Third, here are some questions I have
1-Which version of Mac OSX would you recommend to install on such material?

2a-After watching many tutorials on videos, I was wondering if I could set up the macos of an external hard drive that I would install internally on the PC tower? Is it possible if I format the hard drive with the PC format?

2b- Or would it be possible to take the internal sata hard drive with the windows version, plug it to my mac and run the install from the Mac? or is it better to run the install directly on the PC?

Well thank you for your time, I look forward to hear your thoughts and ideas.


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