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Hello, I'm new here, recently I installed hackintosh (SierraAMD v5.2) in the following configurations of my PC:
  • Motherboard: GA-970A-DS3P (rev. 2.x)
  • Video card: Asus Geforce GT430
  • Processor: FX8320e
In clover I installed:
  • Lilu.kext (v1.2.8)
  • WhateverGreen.kext (v1.2.4)
  • InjectNvidia only
It's all working, I use the HDMI cable to connect my monitor, my problem is that when I open a game (specifically League of Legends) I have 40 to 30 FPS and it seems that it updates every 4s the frames.

I am new to Hackintosh, but I would like to have an opinion if someone goes through this, if there is a way to fix it through kext, and if that is not possible, which brand and video card is recommended to play on Hackintosh.
I'm basing myself on the arguments of this reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/com ... s_on_csgo/


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