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by: Wakna
Hey guys,

I always used to hackintosh intel systems but the recent progress with AMD Vanilla make me hyped !
I'm about to buy a ryzen 3700x but as a Web/Mobile Developer I would really like to know if the virtualization works to use mobile emulators, can't find a clear awnser.
If someone knows about or can test it for me your help is precious.

**off topic**
I'm about to buy a 5700 XT too, do you think the drivers will be available on Mojave or do I have to wait for the release of Catalina and AMD patches for 10.15?

Thanks for your help


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by: Sephira
Is there a reason why it wouldnt? I mean if you have a full working OSX system what would stop this from working? Current AMD chips support all the VM extensions needed for normal VM'ing.
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by: Wakna
Not knowing the AMD ecosystem, I had a doubt because before installing OSX on an Intel PC, it is generally recommended to disable the virtualization to avoid conflicts. I've never had a problem with Intel virtualization (Vt-D) before, but I wanted to make sure it would work perfectly on AMD-based Hackintosh before my purchase.
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by: ErikW
I have no troubles with VirtualBox, but virtualization in Docker doesn't work with their native app. Gotta use DockerMachien through a VirtualBox instance.

YMMV. I haven't tested much.
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by: Wakna
Fortunately for me I do not use Docker for the moment but it can be binding if I need it for a future project. It still puts me in doubt, if you guys have Xcode installed or can download it, could you test running Simulator (IOS emulator)? Xcode comes with it and there is no need for configuration.
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by: ryzen0800
I have the same concern, let me know if you found the answer ;)

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