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I've had success with my first hackintosh(using clover). Almost everything works like a charm, however my problem has been with the graphics card. Apparently it does not even work at 10-20% of its capacity(after the installation of nvidia web drivers) . And the problem is real,I can't even play Tibia with 30+ FPS :crazy:

I don't need to use 100% of the gpu,but it's working REALLY slow...

Can someone help me?

System specs:
CPU -AMD Ryzen 3 1300x
MOBO- asus a320kM-K
GPU - NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050Ti Mini
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by: prjkt
sadly it seems on an AMD system, nV cards have a 50% drop in performance, and the 1050 is at the end of the current range of cards, not sure if there's anyway to fix that just yet - how is your CPU usage? Have you overclocked the CPU? - this has caused issues for me with some apps performing woefully slow
using the clover configurator you can over/under clock your machine- check the CPU settings listing there
This is risky but you could try flashing the firmware of the card? Not too sure how that would turn out/what you would need to do and I would highly recommend against it.

Tbh, if you want to game, maybe you should set up a dual boot along with hackintosh. That'll give you more game support on Windows and you won't run into bottlenecked hardware!
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