• HighSierra AMD v3 Boot Failure{SOLVED}

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Chat about almost anything as long as it is within the rules.
#39371 by rishabh1x
Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:03 pm
Hello Guys,

This is my first time trying hackintosh on a AMD build. I had success with intel but cannot even get to the installer for my AMD system with following specs:

AMD Ryzen 3 1200
ASUS Prime A320 K
Silicon Power Single Channel 8gb RAM
GTX 1050ti

With default settings, I get stuck at a screen with circle with a slash in it. I tried to search for this and got to different conclusions. I tried nv_disable, npci, x, and USBBusFix flags but still same. If i remove npci=2000 then i get stuck at pci configuration begin line.

Also, after the cirle with slash appears I see the text on screen becomes distorted and 'Still waiting for root device' message appears just at that moment.

I am using clover in uefi mode.

Please guide me on how do i get the installer to boot. Thanks
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Used xlnc installer instead of HighSierraAMD_V3