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Install screen stuck at 11 minutes remaining, waited for 2 hours with no progress. Missing menu bar, so I cannot debug.
Ryzen 2600
16 GB DDR4 3000 MHz ram
RX 570 8 GB
ASUS Strix Motherboard
128 GB SSD

Changes performed:
Erased new SSD, and made a partition for the whole drive called “MACOS” On third boot, before starting install to disk, added fakeID for rx5xx cards and changed card name from 470 to 570.

Followed V3 Guide closely.
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hi ,i fellow this guide to install mac on my deskop ,when i enter[preinstall] it shows like that
even if i enter [cd /Volumes/HighsierraAMD ] before.
And i found the new ESP volumes the mac installer created is empty
so i m going to copy the esp files from usb device to the new esp volumes then try again wish me luck 8-)
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Hello everyone, I'm following this guide for a computer with the following components :
AMD 1600X
1 optical drive

I am new to hackintoshes. I'm struggling because once I choose the drive where to install OSX, it starts copying the files for a few minutes but then instead of rebooting as described in the tutorial, it takes me back to the menu and I can't do anything, including reboot the system, everything is sort of locked up except the mouse.
Could the optical drive be the cause? Or the kernel?
During the boot, i can read that MANY kernel files could not be found. It takes me to the installer eventually though...
What should I check?
I can make as many screenshots as you need!

Thank you in advance!
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