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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: chrismanlol00
So, I've got a successful build with Ryzen 2600x, about to upgrade to 2700x here soon. It was very much a pain to setup. I manually set-up my own smbios section, mapped my memory, ext, and had to try a lot of different combinations of kexts before I could get past this stupid end randomseed issue I was having, but I finally did and my system is working flawlessly now. Well, almost flawlessly. I've had Mac before, and I remember hibernation behavior being a little bit different. When I am waking my computer up after some time, I am greeted by the clover boot. I quite like having hibernation, I don't wish to disable it, I just wish not to reboot. And when I log back in, all my programs are restarting like it's a cold boot. Any suggestions?


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