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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: mwss
Say, is anyone having random shutdowns, even when not doing something intensive, when running the 3900x on the ASRock x570m, at 10.14.6 18G87. (I still haven't managed to install the Security Update. Every time I try, I get stuck at Randomseed.) Photoshop 2019 used to work with the terminal commands, but not any more, so it's all Affinity now.

Many thanks in advance!!

Below is the problem report generated by Mac OS after rebooting from the random shutdown, which is occurring more and more often. I haven't changed fan cooler settings, yet can't monitor the CPU temp of course, so a bit lost:

Anonymous UUID: F263E78D-0299-9D55-76E1-EA3955817F6D

Fri Sep 27 12:27:15 2019

*** Panic Report ***
panic(cpu 18 caller 0xffffff7f98506599): "lck_rw_unlock_exclusive(): lock held in mode: 1\n"@/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/xnu/xnu-4903.270.47/osfmk/i386/locks_i386.c:1456
Backtrace (CPU 18), Frame : Return Address
0xffffff83b34cb690 : 0xffffff80131ad6ed
0xffffff83b34cb6e0 : 0xffffff80132e9185
0xffffff83b34cb720 : 0xffffff80132da8ba
0xffffff83b34cb790 : 0xffffff801315ab40
0xffffff83b34cb7b0 : 0xffffff80131ad107
0xffffff83b34cb8d0 : 0xffffff80131acf53
0xffffff83b34cb940 : 0xffffff7f98506599
0xffffff83b34cb980 : 0xffffff801342c252
0xffffff83b34cb9f0 : 0xffffff80134221fc
0xffffff83b34cbbf0 : 0xffffff801341016c
0xffffff83b34cbf10 : 0xffffff80134109ef
0xffffff83b34cbf40 : 0xffffff80137b92ad
0xffffff83b34cbfa0 : 0xffffff801315b306
Kernel Extensions in backtrace:
dependency: com.apple.kec.corecrypto(1.0)[16D0DE4A-4774-32C4-B05D-D35601D9FC39]@0xffffff7f943d1000
dependency: com.apple.kext.triggers(1.0)[62782675-1243-31AB-BDD6-2ACF400E4937]@0xffffff7f95aef000

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: FinderSyncExtens
Boot args: -v npci=0x2000 shikigva=32 shiki-id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94

Mac OS version:

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 18.7.0: Thu Jun 20 18:42:21 PDT 2019; root:xnu-4903.270.47~4/RELEASE_X86_64
Kernel UUID: 982F17B3-0252-37FB-9869-88B3B1C77335
Kernel slide: 0x0000000012e00000
Kernel text base: 0xffffff8013000000
__HIB text base: 0xffffff8012f00000
System model name: iMacPro1,1 (Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94)

System uptime in nanoseconds: 7050740921706
last loaded kext at 4350883356793: com.apple.filesystems.smbfs 3.3.2 (addr 0xffffff7f984ed000, size 442368)
last unloaded kext at 6249046910845: ru.usrsse2.SMCLightSensor 1 (addr 0xffffff7f98333000, size 16384)
loaded kexts:

Model: iMacPro1,1, BootROM 1037., 12 processors, 3.80 GHz, 32 GB, SMC 1.74f4
Graphics: Radeon RX Vega 56, Radeon RX Vega 56, spdisplays_pcie_device, 8 GB
Memory Module: BANK 0/DIMM0, 8 GB, DDR4, 1866 MHz, Unknown, F4-3200C14-8GFX
Memory Module: BANK 1/DIMM0, 8 GB, DDR4, 1866 MHz, Unknown, F4-3200C14-8GFX
Memory Module: BANK 2/DIMM0, 8 GB, DDR4, 1866 MHz, Unknown, F4-3200C14-8GFX
Memory Module: BANK 3/DIMM0, 8 GB, DDR4, 1866 MHz, Unknown, F4-3200C14-8GFX
Network Service: Ethernet, Ethernet, en0
Serial ATA Device: SanDisk SSD PLUS 480 GB, 480.11 GB
Serial ATA Device: Crucial_CT525MX300SSD1, 525.11 GB
USB Device: USB 3.1 Bus
USB Device: NZXT USB Device
USB Device: USB 3.1 Bus
USB Device: USB 3.1 Bus
USB Device: USB3.1 Hub
USB Device: Jabra SPEAK 510 USB
USB Device: USB2.0 Hub
USB Device: Wireless Receiver
USB Device: 2.4G Wireless Receiver
USB Device: 2.4G Keyboard Mouse
Thunderbolt Bus:


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