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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
Best of 5 runs: 36,571

GPU is reporting 300mhz max frequency, which is consistent with the benchmark.

RX 580's typically run at 4x+ this level:

https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/comput ... RX+580+mac

LuxMark seems to be running OpenCL reasonably fast:

13,000+ results, which is typical for an RX 580.

This is not consistent with the GPU frequency reported.

Any ideas?

I've tried turning on/off inject ATI, setting FakeIDs, etc. etc. Suspect this is maybe related to GPU fan throttling? Or the AMD driver itself?







Problem one is you're comparing against native "Real" Mac's. Video performance will always be lower on a Hackingtosh. Just the nature of the beast. I've seen it on my Intel/GTX system. Even with with Nvidia native drivers. I doubt it's a bottleneck.
Are you normally getting less than 30% gpu performance? I'm used to 75-90%, but less than 30% implies something else is going on that may be configuration related. Did not have the same issue on High Sierra (scored like 130,000-147,000 on Geekbench 4 OpenCL on High Sierra.

Nvidia driver performance on hackintosh is a fairly well known issue, but this GPU should be pretty well supported, especially since it was working fine on High Sierra.

Looks like a vanilla kernel patch just came out, might try fiddling with that to see if it improves things. OpenCL code should not be running at 300mhz (minimum) frequency on an rx 580.
I recently responded to this post about radeon rx card discussing this issue. Have you looked into benchmarking with Valley yet to see how much it may differ in that as well?

Another thing is the use of Mojave, which does handle OpenCL differently than High Sierra and before. Also, I just think High Sierra is more refined for hackintoshing. Have you looked at the performance in High Sierra? It may be worth it to roll your macOS back if it does improve your performance.
Having the same issue on RX570, it can score to 120K on 10.13.6, but only 40K on 10.14.5 (SMBIOS set to iMac18,3 and iMacPro 1,1 same result)
Strangely my friend having similar hardware but using an Intel CPU can score normally to 120K on 10.14.5
Not sure if the problem only happened to AMD CPUs

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