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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: matheusmm
Giacomo wrote:I solved it by upgrading to 10.4.4!!!!!
I'm sorry if I am beeing dumb but, how to update? Through system preferences software update? Just as if I were using a regular Mac?
I have 10.14.1, is it safe to upgrade to 10.14.4 or should I erase what I have and make a clean install?
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I have iCloud working in 10.14.1, just had to apply vanilla patches.


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by: ToFailToWin
Great news :) Locked
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by: matheusmm
but I still would like to know if it is possible to update to 10.14.4.
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by: ToFailToWin
@matheusmm, please know that this is another users post. please make a new thread requesting help.
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by: Neal Caffrey
it happen to me and make me stress out. 3 times reinstall the Mojave just to figure out what really happen and now everything working fine tried it over and over and its working for me. All i did was after finish install Mojave and login to icloud and it will make setting stuck/not responding. then i change my serial number on SMBIOS, restart the pc and it will ask for the iCloud password for relogin. Enter the password and it will eventually login and sync everything normaly.

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same here anyone got any ideas?