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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: Giacomo
I installed Mojave 14.1 using Shanee's vanilla guide. Unfortunately, iCloud doesn't work. Every time I log in it says that there are some problems with my account, I open the settings, and everything seems to work, without typing in my password as requested. I'd also like to synchronize everything, but whatever button I press the setting app freezes. Is there a solution?
Thank you!!
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by: JurassicOSX
I have the same issue too, iCloud logs me in but doesn't do anything after that. I got into iTunes but iCloud is not working. Hope someone can figure out a fix. ;)
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by: Teague
Same for me. iCloud appears to accept my login, then upon visiting the accounts page within settings, it continues to show a loading icon, but nothing happens. Settings will freeze until I have to force quit it and iMessage will never login.
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by: jaykittenman
Can't find the post but according to Shanee himself, he said no fix for iCloud yet, and it was like 2 days ago. I guess we'll have to wait.
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by: JurassicOSX
It'll happen eventually.
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by: wxblank
My iCloud works fine. I first signed into iCloud via System Preferences -> Internet Accounts, and then signed in again to System Preferences -> iCloud and then restarted my computer.
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by: JurassicOSX
I got Photos to sync but nothing else will work on 10.14.1 I try to uncheck Keychain and Siri but nothing happens.

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