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by: theevilbluez
I'm Hav these specs:
Motherboard: Gigabyte A320M-S2H
Processor: AMD A10 9700
Graphic Card: Radeon R7 (Integrated)
Ram: 4GB

For first, my system is compatible with MacOS? I already have MacOS Mojave in my notebook. In my PC i can't install, i tried install Mojave, because when open the "Disk Utility" doesn't show my HDD when i click in "show all devices", only show pendrive in USB and my external HDD on the USB.
I used the config.plist for my processor and i have the drivers64.UEFI.
Someone can help me?


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by: alhermoar
If the disk is not showing up, in the same sceen where you choose to install, use DiskUtil instead, make sure the disk where you want to install Mojave to is using APFS as the file system. Otherwise, just choose the disk you want and click erase, it will format your drive accordingly.

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