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by: jjtaylor242
Hey everyone.
I'm having a bit of an issue updating to 10.14.5. Running the update package is fine, however trying to actually boot the the "Install from macOS" fails with the whole "End RandomSeed ++++". I updated to 10.14.4 no problem. So anyway I've done a ton of research and tinkering to no avail. Any help would be hugely appreciated as I've been trying to fix this for a few weeks now! :D


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by: Shaneee
Send over your config.plist from Clover.
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by: jjtaylor242
So as I was about to upload my config, I noticed a couple missing lines of text. So in all it turns out I had added the patches wrong (somehow?). It’s a bit odd as I’ve never done that before but I guess there’s a first for everything haha. Thanks for your time!
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by: jjtaylor242
The last section of text, only found it odd because there’s still text under what I missed. Which it should have copied.

<string>algrey - mtrr_update_action - fix PAT</string>

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