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Did all the instructions to prepare the usb drive for install. Went into the usb installer.. the monitor begins to blink... I can see the apple screen come up and then the language selector.. then the screen blinks from black to a distorted image about 6 times, then the computer restarts. Im using a AMD Ryzen 5 2600x, B450 msi board, and Nvidia Gt710 video card. Can anybody help?
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Solved it on my own... looks like it doesnt like trying to emulate the resolution on my widescreen monitor during the install..... went to a standard monitor eliminated the flashing and blinking.. however the computer still reboots... working on that now.
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ok... reboot issue fixed.. I went back and created the newest Mojave install without the recovery command.. and this fixed my reboot during setup issue. I installed the 10.5 install just fine. Now having trouble with clover and no wifi/bluetooth... but I'm far enough to stop until morning.


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