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by: TYD
Finally installed Mojave successful and got through the license reboot error.
Now on the Desktop.
USB3 is working fine, but not USB2.
None of the USB2 ports are working.
Already tried different kext files like:

- USBInjectAll.kext
- GenericUSBXHCI.kext
- AHCIPortInjector.kext
- DummyUSBEHCIPCI.kext
- DummyUSBXHCIPCI.kext

Need my USB2 ports for mouse and keyboard working.
If an USB stick is connected to an USB2 port my mouse and keyboard lights are flashing.
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by: ben higham
I am in a similar situation, same chipset, but usb 3 crashes when it is stress tested with a high bandwidth device,, such as a SSD

and my usb 2 port are working but they are just running at USB 1.0 speeds, if you pop in a USB into your USB 2.0 and wait for about 40 seconds it should still show up but just be running at 12MBPS apposed to 480 mbps


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