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by: seby-the-drummer
Hello everyone,

I managed to get a nice and working Mojave on my ASUS Prime X399 A with Threadripper 1950X by following Shanee's tutorial.

BUT I can't login to the appstore. I don't get any error message. I click on sign in...Apple ID and password ....and ... nothing =(
I can repeat this process in an endless loop.
I tried a wrong passwords and I get an error wrong password, so the account gets checked on some apple server (so this is working at least)



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by: dammerung
Hi @seby-the-drummer,
try go to Terminal and paste this:
defaults write com.apple.appstore.commerce Storefront -string "$(defaults read com.apple.appstore.commerce Storefront | sed s/,8/,13/)"
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by: seby-the-drummer
Hey dammerung,

thx for your reply and help, appreciate it!

Unfortunately it didn't work.

So I installed everything again from the beginning -> and now its working =/
-> my solution: new installation of the whole system.

The only big shadow now is I get some random freezes...maybe I stick with my 13.3.

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Thank you