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by: Marcyvee
Hi guys, I succesfully installed mojave with my pc (ryzen 5 2400g, nvidia gtx 650).
For made it bootable without USB drive I had to copy EFI shared on the web.
Now, everything works quite good (a part audio crackling), the only problem is that I can't sign into app store or icloud.
When I try to log me into app store, (clicking on the botton left corner) it display the log in popup, I type username and password, the popup disappear but I'm still not connected. If I try to create a new account it says that can't connect to the server.
I had try even to log me to icloud from the account manager, it doesn't work (says something like it is a valid apple ID but no a icloud ID), and if I try here to create a new one it says that I can't use my imac to create account....

I already try to verify the serial number from smbios and its good.

Even this hasn't work: https://youtu.be/-bsRcYicD3Y

Any idea?
Thank you very much and I'm sorry if I can't speak English... :mrgreen:

I solved creating a new admin user account and deleting the old one. :eh:


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