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by: Luoboutou
As you see , I don't know what happen to it, My vega 56 has not be drivered. When it upgraded? I think what cause that is I choose Chinese in first installing.it failed to continue. After google it, it said I should use English.So I did it. In this process, it should only take 3mins but this take more than 10mins.I guess 10.14.3 was downloaded at that time. Or all that is because I forgot to copy something to the USB installer?

Whenever who see this, be careful ! Hope to reduce your problems to the journal to Mojave. ;)

At last,thanks all guys work in amdosx. this is the link I follow viewtopic.php?f=24&t=5902[center][b]Post Merged[/b]
[/center]Well,at last, I install again and the problem is I use bandzip to unzip the file not 7zip. But it is laggy for gaming,other version of macOSs have the same problem. I guess it is the fault of my platfrom.
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