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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: krs360
Hi guys,

Is it a known issue that Pascal cards perform terribly in 10.13.1?

Using the same card on my 5820k don't (recall if it was Sierra or High Sierra) results weren't too far different from windows, however with my 1950x and 10.13.1, as an example, I opened League of Legends to a whopping 22 FPS.


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by: longstation
Can't comment on 10.13.1 but bad in 10.13.2 and 10.13.3. It gets pretty high score in GeekBench though. My guess is that the current kernel is not able to use the full power of Pascal cards. This is very obvious with Chrome and Firefox, where the page is rendered by GPU and it is slow. However, Safari is blazingly fast, maybe Apple has some secret optimization?
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