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by: Trust1
I solved to install a Vanilla High Sierra 10.13.6 Setup on my PC. My Question is now:
When it's a Vanilla macOS Kernel why can't I update my macOS via Appstore with the latest Safari, iTunes and 19-03 Sec update?
I tried that and after a reboot my pc hangs at boot. It doesn't matter if i boot with usb installer disk or clover on harddrive. It's blowing in the wind ;-)
Right now I'm reinstalling High Sierra again.

Can anyone tell me how to update to the latest security patches provided by appStore or is there another way to solve this.


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by: Svyat K
Hi, you should've checked boot logs before reinstalling. It's not possible to say what's going on unless provided boot logs.
Maybe new updates have required some additional kexts to be installed in clover. Or, maybe, your vanilla installation was not 100% vanilla?
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by: Shaneee
Make sure you've got the latest patches in your config. The Security update will replace the kernel with a newer version.

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