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Hi, I'm using my hackintosh for a month by now, and I wanted to try Final Cut Pro X. It feels quite choppy, but I think it's because of source video codec so I don't worry much. I started to worry when I've downloaded BruceX 5K benchmark and ran it few times - all using suggested settings for comparable results. I was shocked when I saw result of about ~44 seconds :shock: when guys using even 4770K were getting it around 30s... Whole system feels very responsive; I'm very happy about smoothness etc but what's about this performance? In geekbench results were OK, nothing surprising but FCPX?! Has anyone got a suggestion how to fix this?
R7 2700 non-OC
2x8GB Corsair 2800MHz RAM
X470 Ultra Gaming
GTX 1080 Founders Edition
240GB Patriot Burst
Thanks in advance :P
EDIT: I'm very sorry, the topic was supposed to go into "Post Installation"... Can someone move it? Sorry


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same here anyone got any ideas?