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by: namednad
I'm a newbie and I have been attempting to create a boot disk using Shaneee's post - HIGH SIERRA AMD VANILLA GUIDE FROM WINDOWS. I am having issues with Bootdisk utility which I downloaded from one of the links in that post. I als found a version of Bootdisk Utility from 2016 and it also gives me the same error message when I attempt to check Clover. Everytime I attempt to check for Clover update with either version I get a message, "Error sending the HTTP request to the server". I don't know why this happens, I assume I don't have something configured correctly. I have downloaded fresh copies of the zip file and re-installed a couple of times with no change from this Error message each time I try to check Clover.

Also when the USB Clover partition is created it has no files in it. Is this normal?

Any help with this would be appreciated very much. I thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer.



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same here anyone got any ideas?