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So you're getting this error?
This version of Mac OS X is not supported on this platform!
Then here's how to fix!

Windows/Linux Guide
(for users that have no access to a Mac)
Go to http://cloudclovereditor.altervista.org ... overeditor and load your config.plist. (The file is located in EFI/CLOVER/)
Click on SMBIOS on the left, and choose "iMac 14,2" on the dropdown menu.
After that, click on the sidebar at the very top: "Cloud Clover Editor". Then click "Download", save the file and replace the old config.plist file with it.
macOS Guide
Download Clover Configurator and open the Config.plist file (The file is located in EFI/CLOVER/).
Click on SMBIOS on the left, choose "iMac 14,2" and replace the old config.plist file.
That's it!


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