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Hello everyone,
after I upgraded MacOs High Sierra 10.13.3 to 10.13.6 in my computer (Asus Prime b350m-a, rizen 1700, 16g,GTX 1060) and i have big problem to off my computer
ShutDown doesn't work and even couldn't mount my disk in clover configurator,so im using another one to mount pls help me out

ps i tried to check dsdt fixshutdown and apple rtc ,appleintelcpupm etc to fix it but still have a problem to turn my comp off


did you do the manual terminal commands at the end of shaneee's upgrade video?
i think the "repair permissions" and kext cache commands fixes these issues.
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rp /Volume/<drivename>
sudo kextcache -i /Volumes/DriveName && sudo kextcache -U / Volumes/DriveName
otherwise, it might be some driver that got installed that doesn't like to run with your OSX version. this happened to me when i installed cisco anyconnect on 10.13.3 -- it put my system on an infinite boot loop. upgrading to 10.13.6 and then installing anyconnect worked for me. using superduper! really helped me when i would occasionally run into other issues (like i cannot install the 2019 security updates - this causes my system to not boot either).

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