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by: Zedrick

I'm trying to install high sierra with HighsierraAMDv3. When booting to the osX-install, it hangs with "appleps2mouse probe failed", just like described here:


The recommendation in that thread doesn't help as there is no Clover/Kexts/10.12 in the high sierra image.

I have a ps/2 keyboard (as proudly stated in my sig) and a USB mouse. Tried plugging the mouse in a usb -> ps/2 converter, but then nothing worked (ie I couldn't even get to clover). Might be a problem with that ps/2 port as the mouse didn't work in Windows either.

Also tried adding nvda_drv=1 as boot argument to at least get rid of the garbed text, only difference was that I got two lines of ApplePS2Mouse: probe fail before it hanged.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Worked better with v2. Except that my Linux partition can't be found (only Linux swap), but that's probably fixable.


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