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by: Juanelway
Hello all,

So I'm new to the Hackintosh game so please bear with me here.

My Setup -Motherboard: ASRock AB350 Pro4

-CPU: Ryzen 1500x

-GPU: Asus GTX 1050ti

-Ram: 2x4Gb 2400 DDR4

-SSD: SanDisk 240GB (Where I plan to install OSx)

-HDD: WD Blue 1TB

Guide I Followed: https://hackintosher.com/guides/amd-ryz ... rra-10-13/

My Install Thus Far:

I got to step 7 of the install guide I was using (Finishing Installer). When I go to "boot from macOS Install from Hackintosh", I was getting the black screen with the no smoking sign.

After going back and forth with author of the guide I've been following, I uninstalled a few kexts that were probably hindering my install ( AMD GPU.kext, F718x.kext, AmdCPUMonitor.kext, radeonmonitor.kext and the Shiki.kext)
After removing those kexts, I could now start the download, but after about a quarter of the way through the install I get the "macOS could not be installed on your computer” warning.

I ran verbose and debug kexts and this is what I have been getting.
Any idea of where to go from here?

Thank you for any suggestions!
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