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by: Monty007
Hi All,

I'm new to the forum but not new to Hackintosh's. This, however, is my first AMD build.

Ryzen 7 1800x
Gigabyte AB350 Gaming
Adata XPC 8GB 3000hz x 2
Hyper 212 cooler
MSI gt 710 to install - Sapphire RX 580 8gb Pulse

I booted into the BIOS and loaded optimized settings.

I have followed the video guide [XLNC] with all the same settings. installer USB was created using my macbook pro. All the same kexts and setting from the video for Clover have been used.

I can't get past AppleKeyStore: :start: _sep_enabled = 0

any ideas? I asked Nestor on this board who reported a successful install but I haven't heard back.

Thanks in advance!
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So I have worked on this for the last 6 hours. If I use spacebar and boot without using any kexts I get to an ACPI error: _SB_.PC!).GP17.XHCP namespace loop up failure AE not Found and then another one further down [\_PR_.P000] namespace lookup failure, aAE_NOT_FOUND
Images attached
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So I spent another 4 hours last night. Started from scratch and Sector05 made a comment to use V2 of the installer die to some bugs with V3. I re-images using transmac and it worked and completed the install. It said 15 mins remaining for an hour but then finally completed. I rebooted and then and I/O errors for almost every line and then it followed with a Kernal Panic. Images attached:
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I reformatted the hdd and started again but this time I used XLNC’s terminal script for repair permissions before restarting. Finally was able to boot to the OS. I then used Clover Configurator to mount both the USB EFI and the HDD EFI. I then cut and pasted the USB EFI folder and boot file to the hdd EFI and now it works!

Geekbench score is very decent. I need to overclock it and get my other video card working.

Anyone know how to get the temps and computer stats working? I use HWmonitor on my Intel hack to monitor temps, speedstates and frequencies using the SMC plugins.

A big thank you to XLNC, Sector05 and the team at amd-OS X.com who helped to make this happen.
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