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by: krychevsk16
Hi, I've been searching for help since everyone is busy on discord. I am super bad in this kind of field and I am in trouble. I followed this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXcW_zAk0WE and installed AMDHS_Installer v2. I went through everything until I saw the final macOS installation menu, disk utility only recognised my USB flash drive and Windows drive except for the new reserved m.2 SSD. Someone recommended me to use the clover edition since it included some sort of support of nvme drives. I can only install the OS on my USB drive, I am so annoyed. Probably a waste of my time as I end up with a grey screen. What do I do now? I have Asrock x370 Taichi and the guy in the video enabled some settings which aren't present on my board. Could that be an issue?


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