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#36431 by eziorv
Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:46 pm
1. My USB 3.0 ports are working fine but 2.0 ports aren't working, don't know why ! I installed Mac using AMDHS V2 Enoch Edition and then I chose option 2 (Post-Install) then Shaneee and then said yes to everything (including those usb kexts) even after that my USB 2.0 ports aren't working !.

2. I have 2 monitors and installed Nvidia Web drivers through setup, but my Display setting in system preferences doesn't show my second monitor. is there any way to use dual monitor?

3. after installation there was no sound output, so I had to install VoodooHDA. after installing that my microphone worked too, but it is making a lot of noise + I'm not able to launch VoodooHDA Settings from Launchpad. one more thing, Siri is not also picking up my voice, when I click on Siri, a notification shows up saying " what can I help you with?" but nothing happens past that.

4.When I restart Mac, it doesn't restart, it logs off and then it turns off the display but my cpu keeps running !
and sleep/wake issue is also there, any fix for that?

Last thing, I have legacy bios can I install clover Bootloader in hdd?
Some Extra Info:
I'm running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1
Thanks In Advance !

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