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by: theas1992
What’s up everybody? Y’all doing good? Great!

Anywho. This is my first time attempting a hackintosh and I’m completely stumped at this point.

I’m using the HighSierraAmd_V2.dmg and I’ve properly imaged it on a flash drive. I mounted the EFI and placed the OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi and apfs.efi files into the the CLOVER/driver64UEFI/ folder. I reboot into Clover and then boot to the drive to install. It does it’s things, hundreds of lines of text and execution then after a few minutes it’s goes blank screen then boots into Windows. I have yet to even see the OS X installer pop up. Any ideas as to why I’m doing wrong?


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by: mattyfatty1
I'm a complete nube but mine seems to work without the apfs.efi also try using the startup boot flags such as -v 0x2000
i have a similar system
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super sorry dude i mean -v npc=0x2000 -radoff

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