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by: Norton287
Kinivo BTD400 BLE Adapter, works out of box with no need for drivers supporting BLE devices.
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TRENDnet TBW-107UB USB 1.1 Micro Bluetooth USB Adapter, And The IOGEAR GBU521 also work out of the box. Use both on my 2 hacks. Work flawless.
Ive got my hands on the Kinivo BTD400 and plugged it in. I don't have a bluetooth section in settings and its not being picked up as far as I can see. Is there a way to kickstart/reinstall bluetooth support? Im using enoch as a boot loader.
Does it show up under USB in System Report from About this Mac?
Sorry, yes. I believe so.. if its BCM20702A0. Blutooth sys info entry says no information
From terminal type with the adapter plugged in:
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kextstat | grep Bluetooth
This what I have with mine:
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See if you have IOBluetoothFamily.kext in System/Library/Extensions
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mines looking a little different my friend :)


All the ones in mine are from IOBluetoothFamily.kext

Try loading them from a Terminal with:
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sudo kextload System/Library/Extensions/BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport.kext
sudo kextload System/Library/Extensions/IOBluetoothHostControllerTransport.kext
sudo kextload System/Library/Extensions/IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport.kext
sudo kextload System/Library/Extensions/IOBluetoothSerialManager.kext
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If not install my IOBluetoothFamily.kext from 10.13.2 and try with Kext Utility:
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
might be getting somewhere. Im getting "failed to load - (libkern/kext) not found" for all 4 of those.
when installing HS I followed the HS official tutorial and the instructions for enoch.
I should be able to get these kexts and drop them into S/L/E? or do I need to use kext utility?
They're part of the IOBluetoothFamily.kext I attached to my previous message. Download it and install it with kext utility
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I'm getting the same output from kextstat as you without the bluetooth plugged in. Try rebooting with it plugged in and see what happens.
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