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by: XxCobranxX
I've got my hackintosh perfectly running but the only problem is my audio. The audio works but when I start skipping in youtube videos I get a second of distortion and the audio recovers again.

I've tried all the different ID's for my audio codec (ALC1220) but none of them resolve the problem. ID 11 runs the best.

The only thing that I can think off is that my audio runs through USB into my headset receiver (Steelseries Arctis 7) and then back to my speakers.

I've troubleshooting/finding posts about USB audio but I can't find any proper ones. So if someone has any suggestions?

The USB/audio related kexts I'm using are: AppleALC, GenericUSBXHCI, USBInjectAll


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by: TechGoggles
same... the audio from the back port is fine but from the front port I have the same problem.. I wanted to try multi output same problem.. sometimes while skipping audio it would go of until restart

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