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by: Djuran89
Hello I'm have big problem to config Mac.

I install over 10 time and every time I'm quit. Now I'm install everything work nice, but have issue with graphics in games.
Dota2 - Very low fps
CS:GO - Launch game and instant quit form game
CS 1.6 - fps is OK but mouse and keyboard little laggy
That only game I'm tested.

I google over 6 month and I never config Mac perfectly. Install last Nvidia web driver, CUDA, nvidifix kext, etc...try everything restart my PC million time and I'm now pleasing for help :)
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by: AlGrey
ya Nvidia gpus are working at 50% with AMD cpus.
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by: AlGrey
we still don't know how to fix it
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by: flama90
Wich version of Mac is stable for using GTX 1060? I'm actually in 13.3 but works so bad :(

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