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by: Brsuperboy9
When you installation starts (After putting preinstall in the terminal) It says either 23 or 17 minutes depending on what format I use, hangs and says error.


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by: Rosssiiii
Brsuperboy9 wrote:ASUS Radeon RX 550 2GB
try witout use terminal:
here i also have this problem, let me know if you understand where i'm wrong
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by: Brsuperboy9
It doesn't boot if I don't use the terminal
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by: AlGrey
You know that the RX 550 will be buggy (no gpu acceleration)? You better get a RX 560 or a GeForce GT 1030 if you are on budget
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by: Brsuperboy9
Oh, I didn't know OS X didn't support the RX 550. I was planning on upgrading eventually.
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