• Upgrading your 10.12.6 VM to High Sierra 10.13.1

  • General chat and support for running on a Virtual Machine.

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General chat and support for running on a Virtual Machine.
#33126 by Norton287
Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:30 pm
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You want to configure HighSierraInstall.vmdk as the primary boot drive while the upgrade is going on.

Boot using HighSierraAMD as your choice, when the installer loads click continue, then agree to the TOS.

Select your existing drive with 10.12.6 on it as the install volume and click continue.

Once install finishes restart and boot from HighSierraAMD again to do PostInstall.

Once the installer loads click on Utilities and Terminal, when Terminal loads, type:
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 cd /Volumes/HighSierraAMD
type start to start the postinstall script
enter 2 to do post install
enter the name of your 10.12.6 partition
choose y for all the options
Once the script is done select 11 to reboot, this time choosing you 10.12.6 partition.
you will go through user setup, minus creating an account and you are done!

Edit virtual machine settings and remove HighSierraInstaller.vmdk from your configuration.

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