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General chat and support for running on a Virtual Machine.


Because it's emulated on amd you'll have graphics glitches, read the top of the first post
its the video that causes the graphics glitches, the video card is not emulated.
no like the first post says. Its the same situation on El Capitan for maxwell and above video cards with glitched graphics on a regular install to HD.
No problem, sorry it's not working for you. You can try Virtual Box from the other thread, it has no glitches but never found a way to change the resolution.
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Working on instructions for upgrading to 10.13.2 for the VM, I have to reinstall windows to get VMWare Player going again. So gimme a couple of days and you guys can upgrade.
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Will need a working clover install on the installer so will take a few days and will need some testers.

and thanks for the work in creating the HS image.
I installed and it all works on my Ryzen 3
A couple of things:
- Is there a way to automatically boot into the partition skipping the bootloader? (is it the bootloader where you select the OS partition Vs the recovery one)
- I've used some VMWare tools, instead of the one suggested, from some Intel guide, that actually don't need the enable of the root user and ON TOP OF THAT you can resize the virtual machine window (including going full screen) and the resolution automatically resizes to it. I can share if you like it and maybe it can improve the darwin.iso you suggest using. Let me know.
in the root of your VM disk is an Extra folder, open it and use textedit to edit org.chameleon.boot.plist. Add Wait=No to Kernel Flags section.

Yes I'd appreciate anything you've got to make it better.
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