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General chat and support for running on a Virtual Machine.
This works with VMware Player 14, a free download from VMware, you can get it here:
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Download Links
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   VMDK https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vffD6q_fr-AAUYQ_DX3DLR-aLCnMsZkg/view?usp=sharing
The new VMWare tools from a good poster zzmadd is attached to the bottom of this post:

You need to enable root to run the vmware utility, here's how:
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Then you need to add the following to your VMs VMX file at the bottom:
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 svga.minVRAMSize = 8388608 

Now you need to change the resolution and here's how:

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Open Terminal, then change directory by entering cd "/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/", include the ""s because the directory names have spaces in them.

Now you need to enter SU and then enter the password you set for root.
Once you do that you enter:  ./vmware-resolutionSet 1920 1080.

The 1920 is the height and the 1080 is the width.  Set it to what you need.

You will not want to go full screen, in my testing full screen resets the resolution back to default.

Now shutdown and restart the VM to test your new resolution.
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