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 #26833  by seanryzenintosh
 Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:25 pm
i just built a new PC and it did not work for the post work, there was no beep but fans and lights were on.
my build is
RYzen 1700x
asus prime b350m-a/csm
Corsiar DDR4 2x16(32GB) 3200
crucial mx300 1tb m.2
Evga 500B 500watt
please help me out.
thanks in advance


 #26966  by matt mods
 Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:06 pm
Hey @senryzenintosh this section of the fourms is for the site called DuffNet and support with that but I can quickly help you here(or at least try) so the lack of a post beep is a good thing as it suggests that your BIOS is ok, and I don't really understand what your asking so if you could rephrase that would be good