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I've got my high sierra build running just fine off an ssd and want to install Manjaro on a separate drive. I've tried getting this to work but I can't detect the install from the clover bootloader. As of this morning's attempt I booted into Manjaro from BIOS and checked to see if the install was good, it's not and I need to reinstall it.

I found a guide for it here: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/dual ... er.175257/

But I've had no success. I'm hoping someone in here has had a similar set up and has some instructions I can follow? Most of the guides I'm finding are for triple booting, booting off the same drive as OSX, or dualbooting with a windows/Linux drive and an OSX drive so I'm not getting all that far. I've read somewhere that I'd need to chain boot clover > grub > linux and I'm kinda in the dark about that. Any help on getting a proper Manjaro install on the separate drive and then getting it to show up in the clover bootloader would be appreciated!


Well, I don't know if and how you solved your problem, but others might have the same doubt you've had and end up here looking for advice.
So let me indicate this thread (kind old but very efficient):
:arrow: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guid ... es.198869/
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