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We will even help with Linux.
#20871 by javasweg
Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:08 pm
hey, first linux topic on the forum lol. i was wondering how i could get clover to dual boot my ubuntu and sierra install! when i install ubuntu 16.04.2LTS, which was actually successful on a 100gb partition, i managed to get into the clover boot loader, where i saw the linux option. my problem is that when i tried to boot i got a weird purple freeze screen with a few graphical glitches, like little dashes all over the screen in random places. ubuntu failed to load up. i have tried booting with uefi and legacy to clover but little difference, except one of the two managed to get the the GRUB bootloader for ubuntu. clover efi partition has created an ubuntu folder, because i went back into the installer for ubunut and pressed reinstall ubuntu, which then GRUB overwrote my clover bootloader, so now i am booting from enoch USB. efi is still mountable, and contains the ubuntu folder and efi files for it, and im booting macOS from USB now. is there any way i can make it so clover is displayed before ubuntu bootloader? thanks :thumbup:

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